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Smilodon Camper shovel

“Smilodon Camper” is a kind of multifunctional defensive field-survival shovel developed and manufactured by Zune Lotoo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., it’s specially designed for those wilderness & jungle explorers as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

“Smilodon Camper”, unique in its design pattern and powerful in its function, can effectively improve the defensive stance for wilderness-survival, and conduce to settling tool-lacking problems in the field activities and effectively reducing the sudden physical threats outdoors. Thus, it is a kind of powerful defensive tool for campers.

“Smilodon Camper” features of the multi-functions such as practicability and effectiveness. It adopts precise foundry technology, made of martensitic stainless steel by 100% molding and casting. Each of the components is subjected to abutting joint strength test and flexibility test. The independently developed “6-position shift keys” can make the shovel toward your expected angle in one step.